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Like a sort of digital residency, each TANG TAKEOVER ARTIST is given the chance to utilize the format of Uncompromising Tang over the course of an entire month. With help from our staff, each artist may generate either a new project exclusive to the site, or reconstitute a successful past project for a different and more expansive audience. The resulting work runs parallel to our other content.

If you wish to submit a project proposal please send the following to

-full name + cv
-proposal description (250words +)
-a link to online portfolio


Flash fiction: “A style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme brevity.”

Following the altruistic vein of our main content, we ran a smaller but more frequent column twice-thrice a week during the second half of 2014. Featuring the work of numerous authors, writers and poets from around the world, Flash Fiction published using the following schema:

All contributors submitted a short story, poem or text-artwork that was no more than 126 characters, including the author’s name or Twitter handle.

The submission could be any text as artwork, fiction or poetry as long as it was an original creation. The work was then subjected to editorial review. If accepted, each contributor would then have to find another artist or writer to submit a flash fiction of their own within 48hrs. That next contributor then found yet another person to submit it in turn, etc. And the daisy-chain network began to take shape. Flash Fictions were posted here on our website as well as on Twitter @artoftang under #flashfiction.