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NOEL SWEENEY #flashfiction

Rape: daddy why did you do it.

– Noel Sweeney

JOHN O’ROURKE #flashfiction

A Six Word Story.

Dear God. Yes Son. Dear God!
–John O’Rourke

DANE SCOTT #flashfiction

Mr.Kind found a wormhole,
Dived in ‘for science!’
Came out inside a black hole,
Noodled hisself for knowledge!
–Dane Scott

CAOIMHE LAVELLE #flashfiction

Telephone Song #2

Faux-weight heaven fix
Sticks true hero to Kevin, too.
Call now for free trial.

– Caoimhe Lavelle

ROSI LEONARD #flashfiction


Hold a piece of soil above your head. You have reclaimed land!

– Rosi Leonard

EVAN PELLERVO #flashfiction

‘So many bullet holes,’ thought the undertaker, ‘Jeopardy’s on in five minutes.’

- Evan Pellervo

THE EDITORS #flashfiction

Dear Ann Coulter,

Howard/Green 2016. #WeBelieve

Most sincerely,

Kara Gordon

ASHLYN SUNSHINE #flashfiction

drip, drop, dropped drips. everything bleeds. everything.

– Ashlyn Sunshine

TRACE LISKE #flashfiction

It flew through space and time eternal from an unimaginable cosmic depth to a world unknown.

– Trace Liske

BRANDON SODER #flashfiction

Can a goat have a duck?

– Brandon Soder

ELLEN BANE #flashfiction

weird soft sounds – orchid is dropping the last of its flowers.

– Ellen Bane

LARA NICKEL #flashfiction

if i could have a hole in my head like the pantheon…

-Lara Nickel


I flicker/Never bold as my surroundings/If you blink at exactly the right moments/I may disappear altogether

–The Product Division

J. CHRISTOPHER DUPUY #flashfiction

In the East Village in a chair watching the pretty girls watch the pretty girls walk by.

- J. Christopher Dupuy

JOSE GARZA #flashfiction

we slept as the sun rose
empty bottles at our feet
lives framed by a hole in the ceiling
today, one of us gives in.

- Jose Garza

THE EDITORS #flashfiction

“I woke up at my sister-in-law’s house and all of the heat was gone,” said the man ahead of me in line.

- The UT Editors

ABDUL ADAN #flashfiction

His initiation started with a demonstration of loyalty; he danced to the music till he was no more.

– Abdul Adan

HENRY GOLDKAMP #flashfiction

It broke the mathematician’s heart to learn his numbers were only adjectives.
– Henry Goldkamp

VALERIE VALDES #flashfiction

As the alien larva crawled out of her nose, Carrie’s last thought was,
“I knew that migraine wasn’t PMS.”

– Valerie Valdes

AARON LEE #flashfiction

“You did it Ronald! The Burger King is dead!”
“Thanks Mickey. Now kiss me you fool!”

– Aaron Lee


Phone cupped in his hands like a fallen hatchling. “I promise,” he
mumbles, mouth full of worms. “I promise.”

– Seann Patrick McCollum

JEFF CHON #flashfiction

Pelosi says we’re doomed unless I donate $20. Mark as Spam. Delete. Increase your penis size. I am the god of doom.

– Jeff Chon

STEPHEN TROUVERE #flashfiction

Aleron handed me the slick thing, warm curves nestled, holy. His beard parted to smile. “It has only one warhead.”

–Stephen Trouvere

MARK RAPACZ #flashfiction

KGB invades Vatican. Pope wields huge gold cross. Swings. Rips hole in spacetime. Lenin tumbles out, w/ shitgrin.

–Mark Rapacz

DAVID ERIK NELSON #flashfiction

Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to find 3 replies to his Craigslist ad: “FOR SALE: baby feet, lightly worn, $35 OBO”

– David Erik Nelson

DAVID OPPEGAARD #flashfiction

He watched the sky, fearing the worst, but it was the yielding ground that opened up and swallowed him whole.

– David Oppegaard

FRITZ SWANSON #flashfiction

The Rev. said, “Cancer’s an everyday cell, doing its everyday business. Its only sin is no one told it to stop.”

– Fritz Swanson

JASON POLAN #flashfiction

I walked down to the beach in the dark and went into the water.  I swam out farther and farther.

– Jason Polan

BRIAN BEATTY #flashfiction


I slapped a mosquito full of blood dead to smear tonight’s sunset across the sky. My blood. You’re welcome.

— Brian Beatty

TARA WRAY #flashfiction

The sheep and the llama were last spotted walking together near the cemetery, naturally.

Tara Wray

ELAINE BLEAKNEY #flashfiction

A strong case for an ocean, planetary science says. An artist posts a drawing. Her blue dress w/o the crop.

- Elaine Bleakney


When I strike someone, I feel where that person ends. If they block the strike,
I feel where they think they begin.

- Jennifer Kronovet

DANIELLE DUTTON #flashfiction

“You’ve done a deed, haven’t you?”
“I haven’t been at all deedy.”
Something was happening in the other room.

- Danielle Dutton

DAVE SCHUMAN #flashfiction

The trainer opened every cage, then fired the pistol into his mouth. The big cats nudged, sniffed, ate.

- Dave Schuman

PAUL LEGAULT #flashfiction

Someone left a Brita filter out in the rain.

- Paul Legault

JESSICA BARAN #flashfiction


“Thrown” rings false, but your hair was upset, your wrists blue. Roller skates glared. And Journey sang.

- J. Baran

TONY RENNER #flashfiction

My first pitch hit him in the ribs. “Fuck my girlfriend will you?”
She was his wife but I hadn’t let that stop me.

- Tony Renner

BUZZ SPECTOR #flashfiction

Elegy for Ariel Sharon


Edited, a desert
Estate, derided,
A deserted tide,
Sere, dated, edit
A detested ride.


- Buzz Spector

[ABOUT] #flashfiction

Flash fiction: “A style of fictional literature or fiction of extreme brevity.”

Following the altruistic vein of our main content, we are launching a smaller but more frequent column that will run twice-thrice a week. Featuring the work of numerous authors, writers and poets from around the world, Flash Fiction will publish using the following schema:

All contributors will submit a short story, poem or text-artwork that is no more than 126 characters, including the author’s name or Twitter handle.

The submission can be any text as artwork, fiction or poetry as long as it is an original creation. The work is subject to editorial review. If accepted, each contributor must then find another artist or writer to submit a flash fiction of their own within 48hrs. That next contributor will then find yet another person to submit it in turn, etc. And the daisy-chain network begins to take shape.

Flash Fictions will be posted here on our website as well as on Twitter @artoftang under #flashfiction.

Loving all of the work? Send us an email and strike up a conversation. We love conversation.


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