un·com·pro·mis·ing tang
/ˌənˈkämprəˌmīziNG/ /taNG/

CONTEMPORARY ARTS CRITICISM BY ARTISTS FOR ARTISTS.  A pay it forward model. A tool for gathering together a global community of cultural producers. A crit group not bound by restrictions of geography, institution, or class. Check back every week for new posts by different artists.

The (3) Uncompromisable Rules of Tang

1) Each artist critic must secure the following promise from the artist they review: that he/she will in turn submit a review of another artist’s work and/or current exhibition within one month.

2) No artist may review the work of the person who reviewed them, and no individuals may repeat either as subject or critic within a given one month period. No exhibition space (gallery, museum, website, etc) may be repeated within a given one month period.

3) Posts may include but are not limited to interviews, exhibition reviews, studio vistis, critical essays, photoessays, and video. Variety and surprise are encouraged.


The concept behind the blog is so simple, smart and necessary.” -ArtBlitzLA